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What is a VPN | Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network 

This is a service that grants you the ability to access the internet and different websites safely and with utmost privacy by simply routing your connection through a specific server and hiding your online endeavours. The tech gurus have however had debates for a long period of time on whether it is safe to use VPN service or not to do so. The debates mainly revolve around the privacy guarantee from the VPN network providers. There are a number of leading VPN service providers in the market today. You can find some of the best VPN below. All these offer different terms and conditions with the main focus of wooing more and more customers. So, how do you choose the best VPN service?

Before deciding on which VPN to go for, you have to check out whether it’s features suite your specifications and whether the value of your money will be realized. First of all, the prospective user should check on the number of servers available across different locations. This will determine the speed that the VPN can offer. The more diverse the VPN servers are located, the higher the speed of its operation. Second, you should consider the privacy policy of the operators whom you want to choose. Do they go by no log policy? Or are they located in a jurisdiction where you are sure that your data is safe and cannot be released to anybody else or even kept at all? The other thing to consider is whether the monthly plans of the virtual private network are favorable to you.

How does a VPN work?  

Simply put, the VPN acts like an intermediary between you the user and the websites from which you’re browsing from. As soon as you start the VPN software from the VPN service let’s say ExpressVPN, your data is immediately encrypted. The data first passes through the VPN’s secure tunnel then it is conveyed to your online destination for example Netflix or a given website. Some VPN services even act as a proxy allowing to change the location from where you are browsing and surfing the web anonymously from wherever you want.  It is therefore like an interlink between you and the websites and that offers you more options that would not have been realized if you browsed directly.

Are VPNs safe?  

VPN makes you secure and protect you from any spying eyes mainly from some malicious people. It safely protects your data from hackers who may want to indulge into your activities in the internet mainly for their own personal gains. VPN however does not give you the go ahead to do unethical activities through the internet. As much as your data is protected, you still don’t have the authority to feel untouchable and therefore conducting illegal activities. Many VPNs are safe to use and so much trustworthy, there is however another bunch of untrustworthy VPNs that may even sell your details for their personal gains. You need to double check your VPN service provider before any subscription and use.

Different jurisdictions and their effects on VPN services


Different VPNs are located at different locations with own rules and policies. This is what is termed as the VPN jurisdiction. At some locations, one of them being the United States, the VPN service providers are required to store the data of the user and release on demand to the authorities. On the other hand, those located in Switzerland and British Virgin Island are not compelled by any law to keep the users information. The jurisdiction will therefore determine the amount of privacy that the user is able to enjoy. Just to illustrate, Surf Shark is located in British Virgin Island, its users therefore do not have to worry about whether their data is being stored or not.

The leading VPNs 

Obviously, there must be some of the best and the worst VPNs today. I Will only mention some of the best VPNs and each VPN is unique in-terms of Price, Features and Protection.

Choose the Best one that fits you.

They include

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Proton VPNRead Full Review

The main factors that distinguish them from the others is their diverse server locations which then guarantee higher speeds. They also have some good privacy policies which what every user would want. Their plans are also very favorable. The customers therefore boast of very great deals. Lastly, they are able to access some websites that most of the other low performing VPN services cannot access one of the sites being Netflix. The US based Netflix is very strict on their streaming policies and only the high performing VPNs can cross these barriers.

Why should you choose Reliable VPNs


The number one priority of each and every individual is to have his or her data safe from any other unauthorized persons. With some low unreliable VPNs, this may not be the case. Your data may at some point be leaked therefore jeopardizing your privacy.

So, we recommend you to try only the best, reliable VPNs.

Are you using a VPN? Give it a try!

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