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Best VPN for India

VPN for India

Lets take a look at best Free VPNs for India and the best VPN Service in India. Using a VPN in India is must to Unblock Movie Websites, Torrent safely, Hide your browsing history from ISP and to improve online privacy.

We will show you the Best Free VPNs and Best Paid VPNs for India.


How do you choose a VPN specifically for India?

VPN Outside 14 Eyes

First criteria would be a VPN located Outside 14 Eyes. If you use a VPN outside 14-eyes you are at Zero Risk at all times.

Audited by Third-party

Second criteria, Many VPN claim as No-logs VPN but Only few best VPNs like Nord VPN India, Express VPN India are audited by third party and proved their claim. These reliable best VPNs do not store your IP, Your browsing history and any of your internet activity.

Lastly, Speed and Privacy and Security.


Free PPTP VPN India

Free PPTP VPN is subject to serious security vulnerabilities, PPTP is NOT recommended except in cases where security is not Important to you! PPTP provide weak security benefits and should only be used for anonymization or for changing locations and most importantly Your browsing history won’t be protected on Free PPTP VPN Server. It is always recommended to use a relaible Free VPN Provider.

Best Free VPN for India

Not Many VPNs are available in Best Free VPN Segment that can be trusted. Windscribe is one of the Best Free VPN that we can recommend for India as it protects your browsing history even on free plans. Trusted and Secured Free VPN Servers.


Why Windscribe?

Windscribe is most trusted FREE VPN provider. Windscribe also has Paid service that adds additional features. Windscribe Offers many Free Servers as a promotional offer that you can use to Unblock Blocked Websites at Zero Cost. Yes, Just download the app, create a account and start using it for FREE.

Free Server Countries (Zero Cost)

Windscribe Free VPN India

Windscribe has Free browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox that can block ads and trackers.

$1/Month – Get 3 pro Indian VPN Servers with Unlimited bandwidth. Pay every month and not at once for a year. Interesting custom plans strating at just $1/month.

R.O.B.E.R.T:- Block Ads, Trackers and Malware at Server Level and has many advanced features.

Get create a Windscribe account to access Free VPN Servers at Zero Cost.

Free VPN Link:- Click Here

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Proton Free VPN India

Proton VPN India offers both FREE VPN Servers and Paid Servers. Access Free Servers at Zero Cost with complete privacy and Security. No compromise on Privacy and Security even on Free VPN Servers.

Unblock Movie Sites, Unblock blocked websites and more. Proton VPN Offers Great Privacy and Security. Best Free VPN that can protect your privacy and security.

Free Trial Link:- Click Here

Free Server Countries (Zero Cost)

Create a VPN account to start using Free VPN Servers.

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Best Paid VPN for India

Best Paid VPNs India with High Speed Servers on Indian IP Address.

Nord VPN India

Nord VPN India tops in best VPN for India. Nord VPN India located Outside of 14-Eyes makes it most recommended VPN for India and Indian VPN users. Audited by third party and proved to hold no logs. Also blocks Ads and Malware.

India VPN Server List

A reliable best VPN to have more VPN Servers in India.

Free Trial Link:- Click Here (30-days risk free refund)

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Express VPN India

Express VPN is one of the Fastest VPN in India for Streaming and Browsing. Express VPN runs in ram-disk mode, trusted and most secure setup nothing gets stored on their servers. Audited by third party and proved to hold no-logs and Located Outside 14 eyes.

India VPN Server List

Express VPN India is definately a great choice for Indian VPN users who likes to Stream Content at great speeds.

Free Trial Link:- Click Here (30-days risk free refund)

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CyberGhost India

CyberGhost has Many servers across the globe and offered at cheap price. If you are looking for good VPN at cheapest price then cyberghost India would be a great choice.

Free Trial Link:- Click Here (45-days risk free refund)

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*Downloads are from the official sites (All devices)

*Create an account on the Official Site to use VPN FREE for 30-days using Risk free assured 30-days money back guarantee.

Privacy is your Right!

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