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Pure VPN Review

Pure VPN Review

PureVPN is definitely a good choice for all your devices. Pure VPN Provides every thing that you need to secure your device with great privacy features.

PureVPNs Ozone and Gravity not only protects you but also all your devices offering complete privacy and protection with good speeds.

Pure VPN is available on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Linux

Important features 

  • Torrenting
  • Netflix streaming
  • Ozone and Gravity [Use this VPN if you want complete Protection]
  • Allows Live Chat
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Official Website:- Click Here

About Pure VPN 

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong known for large number of server locations. It has also recently adopted no logs system of operation. PureVPN’s features list is great and will never disappoint. It can unblock just about any streaming service you could wish to access.

The VPN has the following advantages :

  • The VPN has the following advantages :
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Best Protection with Ozone and Gravity
  • Available in Many countries 140+
  • Jurisdiction, Hong Kong.

Secure or not? 

Leave alone the traditional security features that other VPNs offer, PureVPN offers few more stuff that I personally haven’t seen with most VPN providers.

Do you know Ozone and Gravity?

These features actually work very well.  “Ozone”, is a comprehensive feature which acts as an antivirus program and warns you if you’re visiting a malicious website. This feature even warns you if some scammer attempts to hack into your device. “Gravity” is very useful too. It basically works as an Ad-blocker and offers a fantastic browsing experience. Both “Ozone” and “Gravity” works well, and I personally find both of these features very useful.

Ad blocking 

Today, despite site you visit, you are going to encounter offensive ads. You can hardly find any website that doesn’t have advertisements inform of ads. The Ad-blocker feature doesn’t sound too complex at first, however, this feature is actually very useful given you use it properly. The Ad-Blocker works well with all mainstream browsers and even scans web pages against a predefined list of Ad servers for an even more calm and refreshing browsing experience.

No logs policy 

The one thing I really appreciate about PureVPN is the fact that they no longer keep logs. With the updated PureVPN logging policy, the provider promises to neither store any connection logs, nor any usage logs.

Although PureVPN no longer keeps any logs, if we go back a few years ago, PureVPN was involved in a serious controversy regarding data Logging. This controversy almost compromised their operations though it was resolved. I’m referring to the well known data logging case that helped catch some cyberstalker.

Even though PureVPN claimed to be a log-less VPN service, they still disclosed the alleged stalkers information to the FBI. So how did they know the information? However as per now Pure VPN is very safe and also it is the truly recommended VPN for a normal VPN Users who wants to hide their identity, browsing history, stay away from Ads, trackers and malware. 

Streaming on Pure VPN

 Pure VPN is definitely a great choice VPN for Streaming. Pure VPN is capable of Unblocking every streaming site and also the most popular streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Globally.

#1 Recommended VPN for Kodi and has great streaming capabilities for Netflix, Disney+ and every other streaming sites across the globe.


  • Very affordable VPN service.
  • Works on a lot of devices.
  • Has nice security features.
  • Torrenting and most streaming services are supported.
  • Has both unlimited server switching and bandwidth
  • Supports dedicated connections.
  • Allows anonymous payments.


  • Difficult past issues to overcome
  • Speeds can be extremely slow at times
  • Support is very worrying and not convincing
  • Refund policy limitations
  • No refund for payment made by cryptocurrencies

Performance of the VPN

They have different Connection Mode is enabled , Streaming Mode and the Internet Freedom mode. You can select the one that gives you the highest speeds while browsing or streaming.

The pricing is very affordable 

Another feature that PureVPN is reputable for it is the cost of its services. It’s one of the lowest and affordable compared to Express and Nord VPN. On a monthly plan, PureVPN costs $10.95/month. However, if you purchase a longer-term plan, the price drops considerably to $4.16/month when purchased for a full year at $49.95. You can try this VPN for FREE with their 31-day period Money-Back Guarantee. If you wanted to try 31-day free trial period then you should avoid paying via cryptocurrency.


To conclude, PureVPN is one of the best services to go for. PureVPN provides an easy-to-use interface with plenty of customization options. Performance-wise, speeds are unpredictable and there were some connectivity issues. PureVPN provides easy access to streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Mobile users will be pleased to see a revamped, intuitive app.

Official PureVPN Site:- Click Here

Try 31-days Risk Free:- Click Here

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