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ProtonVPN Review


Proton VPN is owned by Proton technologies AG headed by Harvard graduate Andy Yen.

– Located in Switzerland (Outside of 14 Eyes)

– No logs ( Truly No-Log VPN)

– Up to 10 simultaneous connections.

– Based in 31+ countries.

– Official Website:- Click Here

Why Proton VPN?

         ProtonVPN became the first fully open source and audited VPN in the world! 

Proton VPN is fully audited and Proved that it does not hold any malware. Truely a Risk Free VPN Service and Apps.

VPN services can technically access some very sensitive user data, which is why users should choose services with a track record for transparency and security. If you hold a PROTON VPN  we can assure that your privacy and security is protected!

This is one of the best service providers with friendly plans and subscriptions. They offer a wide range of advantages to be enjoyed by their users in the free plan. The users therefore are not that much obliged to upgrade their plans. It is located in one of the best jurisdictions that guarantee your all-important privacy.

Free VPN Servers (Zero Cost)

Proton VPN is only reliable VPN that Offers FREE VPN Servers to Users and fully committed to protect users privacy and security on Free Servers. Proton VPN is fully audited and is highly recommended for FREE VPN Users.  

You just need to create a VPN Account to access Free Servers:- Click Here

Pricing and plans

It offers an array of four advanced plans. They also give you a 20% discount if you purchase the annual plan subscription.

  • 12-month plan requires you to pay a monthly amount of $8.0

Proton VPN won the 2019 award on the best free plan provider. This is largely attributed to the many features available for free users. After signing up, you don’t have to worry about limited access. They do not regulate the speed and absolutely no bandwidth to the free plan subscribers. However, they cannot torrent and only one simultaneous connection is allowed. Today you can verify your account using your email address rather than using initial messaging method.

Check Plans:- Click Here


Basic plan 

Allows 10 simultaneous connections and access to all of ProtonVPN features.


Visionary plan  

Allows 5 additional simultaneous connections.

In free plan you are offered an automatic 7-day 100% free trial of plus plan. You don’t have to enter your credit card. They accept several cards or PayPal and Bitcoin.


Important features


– A total of 140 servers.

– Located in 16 countries.

– 5 simultaneous connections.

– Support router.

– Allows torrenting.


Benefits of ProtonVPN plus subscription  

– No logs.

– 10 simultaneous connections.

– P2P torrenting allowed on selected servers.

– Full access to all 395+ servers on 31 countries.

– Full access to secure and core onion servers.

– Tor through VPN.

– Transparency report and warrant canary.

– Unblocks US Netflix.


Secure core

ProtonVPN has a double VPN feature mainly for protection of users from correlation attacks. This is one of the most difficult tasks that the VPN providers have to deal with. Secure core servers are connected to the internet using ProtonVPN dedicated network with IP address that are owned and operated by ProtonVPN local internet registry. These features assure you utmost protection as you go through your daily operations.


Tor over VPN

This VPN allows you to connect to Tor VPN servers. What you need to do is connect to the VPN server first then the Tor VPN.


Speed and performance  

This VPN has one of the best options to go for if you are looking for a fast and reliable VPN service. Despite all, it is still among the best considering its low prices.



Custom VPN is available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. A command Linux script is also available for auto configuring and controlling OpenVPN. Manual IKEv2 setup guide is also available for Linux. With all these, the VPN is among the easiest to use.


ProtonVPN windows client  

It has a smart looking and windows outline info. Uses open VPN protocol (UDP and TCP). It also has an auto connection to a server at specific country. Kill switch if firewall based but does not use windows system firewall. Otherwise, it works well.

Windows app also has split tunneling. It can unblock windows videos that are restricted within a region. Exclude or Include the apps as per your needs. 


Other platforms  

MacOS, iOS and Android apps use the IKEv2 VPN protocol. MacOS features kill switch which has the ability to re-establish a dropped VPN connection quickly and automatically. The feature prevents delays that would otherwise the use of this VPN so tiresome.


Customer support 

ProtonVPN offers the FAQ style support page. There is also the email support system which is very much reliable and will always come back to you within a day or two. They provide very quality and helpful answers to their customers.


Privacy and security features  

The VPN has a Kill Switch button that He you stop malicious activities as you operate. It has no obfuscation (stealth). They also use self-hosted /proxied DNS.


Logging policies  

The VPN logs a timestamp of the last successful login attempt. This information is stored indefinitely. This feature poses very minimal threat to users privacy. Proton VPN offers Highest level of security on all their VPN Servers and thus making it most recommended VPN for VPN Users.



It is based in Switzerland VPNs with verified no logs. It has also been part and parcel of the premium privacy solution since 2008. Switzerland is a privacy friendly jurisdiction. Swiss Federal protection act ensures privacy and Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance also promote privacy.


Conclusion and final thought

This VPN is very nice. According to the research I conducted, I would greatly recommend it to any other person who values his or her VPN connection and the price attached to it. It is worth trial.

Try ProtronVPN Completely FREE:- Click Here

Official Website:- Click Here


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