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Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access 


PIA is among the best VPN services on the market today, with a long operation record dating back many years. While it is affordable and has good performance, it also comes with some disadvantages attached to it. In this Private Internet Access review, we will go deeper to research all aspects of the VPN and test its performance and security. Below is a brief overview of the test results and research findings for this PIA review:





– Good speeds throughout server network.

– Secure apps (no leaks identified in testing).

– Good privacy and security features, including ad blocking.

– Tested and proven no logs VPN provider.

– Updated, user-friendly apps.

– Great prices.

Official Site:



  • Based in the United States however it has been tested and proven no logs VPN provider.


Privacy and security features  


Despite being a basic VPN service, Private Internet Access offers good privacy and security features. In addition to the kill switch, PIA also provides data encryption options, an ad blocking feature called PIA Mace. Being able to adjust your encryption settings is useful so as to optimize performance and configuring the VPN to your unique privacy and security needs. You have the ability to modify: Data Encryption (from AES-128 to AES-256) Data Authentication (enabled if you are using the AES-CBC cipher). Handshake (RSA and ECC).


Refund policy  


Private Internet Access describes their refund policy on their website as I have outlined below:


“If you are less than 100% satisfied with the PrivateInternetAccess VPN service, we will gladly refund your payment if the refund is requested within seven (7) days from the date of the initial purchase (not including upgrades, manual or automatic renewals). Requests made later than the 7-day purchase date window will be denied.”


A seven-day refund policy is pretty good for the VPN industry.




This VPN is based in US. This is not a big deal if you plan to use the Internet for streaming, browsing and so on. Only Hackers might need to think. However the VPN has been tested and proved to hold no logs of your activity.


Pricing of Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access monthly plan cost $6.95 as per 2019 one of the juicy deals available. The six-month plan is a small improvement at $5.99, but pay for a year upfront and the price will reduce to $3.33.


Privacy policy


This privacy features commence with the use of the highly secure OpenVPN protocol on desktop and mobile devices. That does a lot to protect you, all on its own, but experts can go further, tweaking protocol settings to suit their needs. In a click or two you’re able to set encryption type (AES-128 or 256, CBC or GCM, maybe turn off encryption entirely if you’re just after speed), data authentication and handshake methods, choose the connection type and set local or remote ports. PIA’s MACE feature blocks access to domains used by ads, trackers and malware, giving you an extra important security.


Device compatibility


The VPN supports most popular platforms. These include Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Firefox. They also have browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. They also support routers, technically speaking. This however requires some manual setup through OpenVPN. Not a huge fan of the extra labour. However, it does mean they’re compatible with DD-WRT, Lede, Merlin, PFSense, Tomato, and ASUSWRT routers. Plus, you can then connect both smart TVs and game consoles to those routers. So there’s hope.




The performance of Private Internet Access (PIA) is very nice, it reliable and fast connections times. It also experiences great US and European speeds, and only some mild inconsistencies over very long-distance connections that may be disappointing. Latency was acceptable, and there were no disconnects during the testing period. Private Internet Access is a VPN that pays much attention to anonymity and affordability, and it has a compelling offer. However, some areas for improvement include support for a much broader range of platforms of operation, such as the popular Apple TV, and introducing more servers located in some more diverse number of countries.

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Official Website:- Private Internet Access 




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