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Setup a VPN Server using PPTP

How to Setup a VPN Server using PPTP

Here is the quick way to setup Free VPN Server using PPTP. The fact is that FREE PPTP VPN is not recommended as it offers minimal Security. PPTP and L2TP/IPsec provide weak security benefits and should only be used for anonymization or for changing locations and most importantly Your browsing history won’t be protected on PPTP VPN Server.

How to add a PPTP VPN Server

Open Server Manager 2019

Click on Add roles and features

Click on Next to move and move Server Roles Tab

Click on the Check Box and Select Remote Access

Click Next and Move to Role Services

Select DirectAccess and VPN Box and then Click on Add Features

Click on Next and Move to Conformation Tab and then Click on Install on the Right Bottom Corner

The Installation Process will get Started and Our Roles being Installed

What Next?

In the Dashboard, Under Tools click on Routing and Remote Access

Under SERVER 2019 –> Click on Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access

Select Custom Configuration

Select VPN Access and Click on Next.

Click on Finish and Start Service

What Next?

Right click on the Server 2019 and Select Properties

Under IPv4 tab you also

If its a DHCP Server you can choose DHCP Server option Selected, Else

Choose the Static address Pool

Click on Add

Put the Pool of IP address that you want to use.

And Click on OK Once you complete.

What Next?

Right click on the Remote Access Logging Policies

Click on Launch NPS

Next Step is to Grant Access, Follow the steps 1 to 4 as shown below.

Similarly, Grant Access to the Other one

What Next?

Go to active Directory, TOOLS

Select Active Directory Users and Computers

Now, Enable any users by double clicking on Users and Follow the steps in Screen Shot below.

Click on OK. You are done!

Next go to Network and Sharing center

Click Setup and New Connection

Connect to a Workplace

   Click on Create a New Connection

   Select Use my Internet Connection (VPN)

The Final Step is to change the VPN Connect type to PPTP.

Goto Network Connection settings

Click on the New VPN Connection

Under Security Tab, Change the Type of VPN from Automatic to PPTP


This is Just the quick way of setting up the PPTP – Point to Point Tunneling Protocol

Additional Configurations if needed

Under Networking Tab

Type in the IP address of the Domain controller doing the DNS resolution for you, that way it will resolve the IP Addresses to Names immediately instead of waiting for a minute.

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