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Perfect Privacy Review


Perfect Privacy VPN 

  • Based in Switzerland [Privacy Friendly]
  • No logs
  • 7-day refund on subscriptions
  • Support through email and forum
  • Price of $8.95 per month, Its worth the price if you are looking for complete privacy and protection.
  • Features incorporated at Server-Side [Perfect VPN for Privacy]
  • Official Website:- Click Here

Perfect privacy is one of the highly ranked VPN providers.

Perfect privacy was the first service provider to offer self-configurable multi- hop VPN chains with open VPN protocol. It also provides neuro routing which routes traffic across multiple hops in the VPN network, corresponding to the location of the site you are visiting.


Trackstop filters  


– It blocks advertisements, malware, trackers, phishing and social media domains. This is done through Trackstop filter.

Despite being a high notch, expensive and valuable VPN provider, the service provider has some drawbacks accompanying its operating system.


Pros of Perfect privacy  


– Multi-hop VPN chains, up to four servers (self-configurable).

– Zero logs with an unlimited number of connections.

– Dedicated bare metal servers with full IPv6 support.

– Full obfuscation support (stealth VPN).

– Customizable firewall and port forwarding options.

– Trackstop filters (blocks domains for advertising, tracking, malware, Facebook, Google and much more).


Cons of Perfect privacy 


– Higher price but its worth the price considering features.

– Its would be a great option if they offer their servers in your country.

Servers List:- Click Here


Prices, payment and refund policy  


Perfect privacy used to receive payments by envelope method. This has however changed with the technologically developing world. Today they accept payments through PayPal, various credit cards, Bitcoin and payment wall that offers 60 different payment options. Perfect privacy plans come with various benefits attached to it.


– It offers an unlimited number of connections, unlike other VPNs that offer from three to six connections.

– Enables Trackstop that blocks domains, ads, malware and phishing sites as earlier mentioned.

Multi-hop and neuro routing create a multi-hop cascade of VPN servers (up to four). This assures more privacy and security.


The plans are:

– $12.99 monthly.

– $9.99 per month for the yearly plan.

– $8.95 per month for the two-year plan


Refund policy


They offer a seven-day refund period guarantee with not even a single hidden clause that would work against their customers.


Company information and jurisdiction  


It is based in Switzerland VPNs with verified no logs. It has also been part and parcel of the premium privacy solution since 2008. The parent company of Perfect privacy is Vactura Data management Company Limited based in Zug Switzerland. Switzerland is a privacy friendly jurisdiction. Swiss Federal protection act assures privacy and Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance also also promote privacy.


Platforms and applications  


Perfect privacy has custom applications for:

– Windows

– Linux (full GUI app, Ubuntu distros)

– MacOs

– Android

Full support of perfect privacy third-party clients or natively with many operating systems. The operating systems are as outlined below:

            Windows: OpenVPN GUI, viscosity and native IPSec/IKEv2.

      –     MacOs: Tunnelblick and native IPSec /IKEv2.

      –     Linux: OpenVPN on Linux terminal.

      –     Android: OpenVPN connect app and native IPSec /L2TP.

      –     iOS: OpenVPN connect app and native IPSec /IKEv2.


Privacy features of Perfect privacy 


It has server-side features. These features include Trackstop, neuro routing and port forwarding. These features are normally activated on server side that is by the service provider. There are also application features controlled within the specific application. These features make the privacy of this VPN very fantastic and worth smiling about. 


Multi-hop VPN cascades  


You can use this feature directly within the VPN manager app or windows and Mac Os. This feature allows you to create custom VPN cascades utilizing up to four servers. Each consecutive hop re-encrypts your traffic and assigns a new IP address before exiting to the regular internet.


Servers scope on Perfect privacy  


Perfect privacy does not offer a huge scope and extent of servers across regions as compared to other VPNs. It has its servers located in 25 different countries. It also has high quality servers since the servers are dedicated instead of cheap virtual servers logged by server hosts. Premium services available in perfect privacy have several benefits including;


– More privacy assurance.

– More speed.

– More reliability.


Advantages of server network


Perfect privacy server network has a range of advantages;

– High speed (Gigabit channels).

– Full IPv6 support.

– Excellent users per server ratio.

– Good server selection in 26 countries.

– All servers operate in RAM disk mode.

– Network consists of entirely dedicated bare metal servers.

– Highest level of network security.

– Zero logs and zero restrictions.

– Tough to beat on privacy and logs.

– Keep absolutely no logs.


Customer support services  


Perfect-Privacy VPN does not offer live chat. They however have other methods to carter for their customers. The methods used by Perfect privacy are forum, email, ticket form and team viewer.


Conclusion and final thoughts 


After conducting research on numerous VPN service providers, Despite the high price, the VPN is very price worthy. It is top in privacy and security compared to other VPNs. The server-side features Trackstop and neuro routing provide maximum protection for all devices-whether you are using an android mobile with the IPSec /L2TP configuration, MacOS with IKEv2, windows or Linux. There latest addition with the Neuro routing features once again illustrates that perfect privacy remains on the cutting edge of privacy and security technology ahead of other VPNs. I would therefore strongly suggest that you try out Perfect privacy and more so the premium plans which offer high speeds and admirable quality.

Try Perfect-Privacy for 7-days:- Click Here

Official Website:- Click Here


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