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ExpressVPN Review

Express VPN Review

ExpressVPN secures itself the top rank among the many VPN service providers worldwide. This attributes to its high notch and quality features and the presence of diverse and reliable servers. Highlighted is a glance to give us insight on more about ExpressVPN :


  •  Located at British Virgin Island[Good]
  •  Ranked first among other VPNs.
  •  Strictly no logs.
  •  Has 24/7 live chat window among the users and support staff.
  •  Refund period of 30days on subscriptions.
  • Supports Apple TV, Firestick and all devices
  • Official Website: Click Here

ExpressVPN has some pros attached to it and very few cons too as stated in my review.



Fantastic speed, ExpressVPN has an excellent speed reputation. This is even realised to a greater extent by users who use the recommended server since it’s faster. Great Speeds that you wont believe.


– User friendly and reliable VPN networks.

– Strong encryption and great security features.

– Privacy friendly jurisdiction.

– Has no logs.

– Large and secure server network.

– Work properly with Netflix on streaming.

– Browser extensions with HTTPS.

– Superb Android and iOS apps.

– Dedicated VPN router app with unlimited connections.

– Great customer support.



Expensive compared to other VPNs but its worth considering its top-notch speed and performance.


Devices supported by ExpressVPN

The VPN justifies its high pricing by the numerous number of devices that it can support. It  has dedicated appato support all major operating systems and devices. The network provider rolled out VPN apps for windows, MacOs, Android and iOS. This makes it possible for users to operate on a number of devices on it. The high price is justified right?

ExpressVPN recently rolled out new updates to increase the luxury enjoyed by its consumers and for them to get more out of it. The updates include

-New design bringing out a wonderful layout.

-One tap location change.

-Improved connection speed.

-Improved connection reliability.

VPN for Apple TV, Firestick and supports all devices. Best Experience on all devices.


Encryption on ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN uses an AES256-bit cipher with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication in its operation system. This makes it very reliable and a number one choice among internet users. Trust me with all these features, the encryption is more than just perfect.



ExpressVPN gives you the go ahead to select protocols directly in ExpressVPN apps. The protocols are available with the network’s windows app. These protocols can be selected automatically if the user enables automatic selection. The protocols available are:

-Open VPN UDP.

-Open VPN TCP.




Network lock feature (kill switch)

The kill switch keeps your data very secure by blocking traffic VPN if the connection drops. The network lock feature is available in Windows, MacOs, Linux and routers. The service providers clearly are aware that keeping your data secure as use their services should be the first priority. The users therefore have not even a single reason to worry about the data. It’s safe!


Privacy and security features assured to users

ExpressVPN is the best choice if you want a high security VPN service with maximum encryption and data protection. It offers a huge chunk of quality performance and security. It is located in British Virgin  Island (BVI) where the privacy of businesses and those operating there are protected. There is no mandatory data retention law or wide scale surveillance programs which affect UK VPN providers. There is also no producing customer records. BVI is one a very good privacy jurisdiction.


No logs VPN provider

From the official ExpressVPN service provider,

“ExpressVPN is a premium VPN provider focused on user privacy and anonymity. Our network is built around specially not knowing the internet activities of our users.”


Server network scope

ExpressVPN has a large and secure server network with 160 VPN locations, 94 countries, over 3000 VPN servers and use of virtual server locations. It is therefore evident that ExpressVPN covers a wide scope making it so reliable that you cannot resist. This also contributes to its high speed performance.


Does ExpressVPN work on Netflix? (yes)

Works on Netflix for streaming no matter where located. To make use of ExpressVPN on Netflix, start express VPN app on your device, connect to a server of your choice in the Netflix region you want to use and then stream Netflix as normal.


The split channeling feature

This feature is offered in windows, MacOs and routers. This feature allows you to select which app will go through the VPN tunnel and which can bypass the VPN to the regular encrypted tunnel. Note that torrenting is also allowed without restrictions in ExpressVPN.


Customer support

The VPN has high quality and 24hrs customer support live chat. The Customer services are very reliable and quick in response mainly on live chat services. The service is very helpful and will solve all your problems and questions promptly unlike other services where you have to wait for much longer for responses.


Plans and subscriptions

First before you decide on your preferred plan, you have a 30-day guarantee money back in case you are not satisfied with the services provided. I researched on the available plans to give you a range of choices:


-$6. 67 per month on a 15-month plan.

-$9.9 per month on a 6 month plan.

-$12.95 on monthly plan.

The best choice depends on your budget and what is favorable to you.

Price:- Click Here


Final thought

ExpressVPN is undoubtedly the best service provider with diverse operating servers. It boasts of super high speeds and reliable security features. It is therefore worth trial for users. Despite being relatively expensive, the amount is clearly worth it. Give it a try!


Experience the Fastest Servers:- Click Here [30-days assured money back]

Official Website:- Click Here



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