Land and Spirit in Native America by Joy Porter

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About the Book – Land and Spirit in Native America

Land and Spirit in Native America
by Joy Porter
Hardcover Book, 203 pages

Indian approaches to land and spirituality are neither simple nor monolithic, making them hard to grasp for outsiders. A fuller, more accurate understanding of these concepts enables comprehension of the unique ways land and spirit have interlinked Native American communities across centuries of civilization, and reveals insights about our current pressing environmental concerns and American history.

In “Land and Spirit in Native America,” author Joy Porter argues that American colonization has been a determining factor in how we perceive Indian spirituality and Indian relationships to nature. Having an appreciation for these traditional values regarding ritual, memory, time, kinship, and the essential reciprocity between all things allows us to rethink aspects of history and culture. This understanding also makes Indian film, philosophy, literature, and art accessible.

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Land and Spirit in Native America by Joy Porter
Land and Spirit in Native America by Joy Porter